LegUp LandinGear - For 1988-1999 GL1500 Gold Wings

GL1500 with LegUp™ Extended - Right Side

LegUp™ is pleased to announce that it has been adapted to 1988-2000 GL1500 Motorcycles. Now you 1500 Gold Wing owners that could use a LegUp™ can get one. It took some doing, as many of you know. The 1500 is literally COVERED with COVERS! This made it difficult to get everything to fit without making you cut up your bike!

Now that it is done, we are very satisfied with how it came out. The system is barely visible, and is as stable as it is on any other LegUp™ Model!

The system costs $3,495 (Or consider our LITE system for $500 less!) (a bit more than the Harley version and the same as the 1800, due to the extra pieces required to make the system work on the GL1500), and is available immediately! If you are having trouble handling the weight of these bikes as they stop, this system is going to make your riding so much more comfortable.

Like all other LegUp™ systems, this one gives a rider 'lotsa' help keeping the bike balanced; but don't be confused! If you expect LegUp™ to keep the bike upright for you at all times, you are expecting too much! The system is designed to make your 1500 feel like a much smaller bike. The experienced LegUp™ rider uses the system as if it is not there; riding as they have always done. LegUp™ Landingear will just help you avoid those 'oops' caused by the big bikes from time to time!

GL1500 with LegUp™ Retracted - Right Side

The wheels work exactly like the Harley system. They can be deployed just before the bike stops, and retract automatically upon acceleration. You can even lean the bike somewhat with the wheels lowered. When the wheels are up, the bike is not compromised at all! Lean into turns all you like... You can't do that on a trike or other outrigger-type systems.

No structural changes are required to install or remove the LegUp™ system. The main attachment point to the bike is where the center stand was mounted. The LegUp™ mount replaces the center stand (not needed any more as you can park your bike with the legs down!). The only cutting required is some minor trimming of the Exhaust covers to allow the wheels to come up higher.

GL1500 - Actuator Photo

Click on the pictures on this page for a larger look, or the video below to watch LandinGear in action! If you are considering a LegUp™ Landingear, and have a 1988-2000 GL1500, Give us a call at 407-834-5007, EMAIL US or use our BUY ONLINE page.


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