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LegUp LandinGear - Like Nothing You Have Seen Before!

LegUp™ Standing on its Own

This may be the most unique accessory you have ever seen for your Touring Bike. Imagine the ability to steady your bike as you come to a stop, have it held upright at a light or stop sign with little or NO weight on your feet, (you really should put them down, but in many cases you won't have to!!), then have the support automatically retract as you accelerate !!

The Patented LegUp™ system was created for those who for whatever reason are concerned about, or unable to hold up these 850 lb monsters as they come to a stop. Older riders, bad knees, bad hips, bad passengers (couldn't resist!), or any other reason someone might want a little help keeping the rubber side down... This will do it!

Chopper Design introduced our 'Generation I' system in 2009. It was originally designed for 1988 thru 2008 Harley touring bikes. The concept was to 'HELP' riders keep their bike upright at slow speeds. It was soon adapted to many other bikes. As time went on, Customers asked for even more help, and after two years of development the new 'Generation II' system has been released for a few select models.

GEN II - Harley Both PATENTED systems are computerized. Our 'GEN I' uses an electric linear actuator, while the 'GEN II' system uses an on-board compressor and air power to lower, at the touch of a button, legs with small wheels. These systems will only allow the wheels to lower at slow speeds, and will balance the bike completely on level terrain. Typically, you still put your feet down, but LegUp™ makes it feel much lighter and is always there to help! The onboard computer senses speed and wheel position and upon acceleration, if the operator does not retract the wheels, LegUp™ will raise them automatically. Both Manual or Semi-automatic deployment (lowering) of the wheels is supported (see the User Manual for details)!

With the wheels down, 'GEN I' allows you to lean your bike a bit each way (about half as much as with the wheels retracted!), which lets you adjust for uneven terrain, and make turns at slow speed with some help! The 'GEN II' system does NOT allow you to lean as it holds the bike up so firmly, low speed maneuvering MUST be done using the handlebars, as you would a trike.

LegUp™ GEN I With Legs Extended The wheels tuck neatly under the bags when not deployed, allowing the bike to be leaned and handle exactly as it always has. Can't do that with a trike or other hokey outrigger systems. The installation requires little or no cutting or modifications to the existing bike !!

Since releasing this product to the public in May of 2009, thousands of riders from around the world have enjoyed the assistance LegUp™ is able to provide. Please understand that LegUp™ is just that; an assistant to help you balance these big bikes as you start, stop and maneuver them slowly! LegUp™ is not a Trike system, but for many, it can offer the benefits they would want from a trike, and still allow them to ride their bikes as they always have!

At this time, the GEN II system is available for the big Harleys, and Honda Goldwings. GEN I is made for the smaller bikes such as Harley Softails and Honda Shadows. We only make one system for any bike. If yours is available in the GEN II design, it will NOT be available in the GEN I design and vice versa!

The 'GEN I' system costs $2,995 for Harley Softails and Sportsters and $3,495 for ALL other GEN I bikes, while the 'GEN II' System is $3,495 for all GEN II bikes (see our 'Buy HERE' Page for model details), and we will install either on your Harley for $400 or your Metric bike for $600. Any of our systems can also be installed by a qualified shop or one of our DEALERS. Compare this cost with awkward alternatives that don't let you ride a motorcycle (THREE WHEELS is NOT the same as TWO WHEELS ). There is Absolutely no cutting or changes to your bike that cannot be reversed if you sell your bike or wish to move LegUp™ to another bike. Click MANUALS to see our Owners and Install manuals. Please click on the PHOTOS for a larger view, and watch the VIDEOS below, or check out our ads in many national touring magazines. You may contact us with questions at 407-834-5007 or Info@landingear.com. DEALER INQUIRIES INVITED!

Forget Trikes, Sidecars or Outriggers...   Get a LegUp™!

Thanks !!!
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LegUp™ GEN II GL1500 Showing Off The LegUp Gen II GEN II LegUp™ Wheels Retracted