LegUp Lite! - Less Automation at a Smaller Price!

LegUp™ Lite

Based on numerous requests from potential users, LegUp™ is now selling a 'Lite' version our our LandinGear system. As you may know, the LegUp™ system has always been controlled by an on-board computer system with sensors that monitored the speed and the position of the wheel system.

Some folks asked us to develop a system that allows them to push & hold a switch to bring the legs down, and another to bring the legs up. No Lights, no Sensors; just a simple system that would offer the stability without the whistles and bells. We have designed this system and are able to offer it for $500 less than the original LegUp™ LandinGear! The picture at right shows the relay and harness system that replaces the whistles and bells!

There are pros and cons to the 'Lite' system. Obviously a savings of $500 is nothing to sneeze at! It also allows the rider the flexibility to bring the legs down or up when he/she wants, in a completely manual fashion. The down side is you have to manage the wheels completely manually! To move the legs, the handlebar buttons are pressed and held for as long as you want the wheels to move up or down. The left one brings the wheels down, the right one brings them up! Is this more difficult than the momentary and automatic methods of the original? Of Course it is! BUT $500 is $500!

Hopefully this will allow folks who have wanted the stability of a LegUp™ system to get started at a price that is more manageable for them. In the event you buy a LegUp™ Lite system, and want to enjoy the convenience of those bells and whistles later, LegUp™ Lite - Handlebar Control no worries! Because of the modular design employed, we can send a new wiring harness, speed sensor and computer out, and you can convert this to a full blown LegUp™ system by just plugging and unplugging a few wires! Uprgrading from the 'Lite' system to the regular automated system costs $600 (have to cover the cost of the extra harness somehow!), if and when you might ever want it!

The LegUp™ Lite system can be used on any bike we make a LandinGear for. It can be ordered for the Plus system (four wheel version) or the Standard system (two wheel version).

Please bear in mind that operating the 'LITE' sytem is more difficult than our Standard system. Care must be taken to insure the safe use of the system. Holding a button for 3 seconds to lower the wheel may be difficult for some riders. Please take these things into account as you decide which version is right for you!

If you are considering a LegUp™ Lite, give us a call at 407-834-5007 or EMAIL.


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