LegUp Plus! - Even More Help for Riders Who Need It!

LegUp™ Plus! on a Softail

LegUp™ is happy to announce that the much anticipated 'LegUp™ Plus!' system is available. Now people who would like to avoid trikes, but need SIGNIFICANT help balancing their bikes, have a solution!

Not too long ago, a man named Rich called to order a LegUp™ system for his FatBoy. As usual, I asked him what type of help he needed. Rich responded that he lost the use of his legs, and wanted to ride again. 'No,No,No!' I said. While the LegUp™ system really helps to balance a bike, it was NOT designed to hold the bike up by itself!

I told Rich, I would have a look and see if I could help him and his friend Pres. We took our normal LegUp™ system, added two more wheels outboard, another spring, some braces to strengthen the system, and some removable wheel stops to reduce the pivoting of the wheels, and we had LegUp™ Plus! A system that, when deployed, will basically hold a motorcycle upright much like a Trike! Obviously the difference here is that the wheels, when retracted, allow the bike to be nothing like a trike, which paves the way for many more people to continue to ride, or get back to riding!

LegUp™ Plus! can be adapted to all the models we make LegUp™ for. For the right type of rider, this system is the Bomb! People with serious leg problems such as above the knee amputees, are using LegUp™ Plus! One such client, needed to stand on the footpeg to lift his other leg over the seat with his hand. Because the Plus! system doesn't lean over as easily or as far, this turned out to be no problem at all. Removable stops can be installed or removed depending on the rider, which limits or allows more lean angle with the wheels down. Make no mistake, leaning a bike with the Plus! system and the wheels down is MUCH more difficult because of its' width and the additional springs; but that is the beauty of the Plus! The system, once deployed, will basically keep the bike upright under most all conditions. You can still tip the bike over under the right circumstances (too fast, turn the bars all the way, etc) but with the locks in place, you really have to work hard at it!

The wheels work exactly like our regular system. They can be deployed just before the bike stops, and retract automatically upon acceleration. Riders who can't put their feet down have a tendency to run the system in a mostly manual mode, while others let the speed sensor handle the chore of retracting and deploying the wheels. When the wheels are up, the bike is barely compromised at all! On some models, lean angle is reduced somewhat, but there is a lean angle... You can't do that on a trike or other outrigger-type system.

LegUp™ Plus - A Closer Look

LegUp™ Plus is an option at order time and adds $500 to the cost. The system can also be retrofitted to existing LegUp™ systems for the same $500. If you want a LegUp™ system and are not sure if you need the 'Plus!', buy our regular LegUp™, try it on for size. If you find you need more help, ship us just the legs, we will modify them, give them a fresh coat of paint, and ship them back for this price.

Click on the pictures on this page for a larger look! Check out the short video below to watch the LegUp™ Plus! system in action.

If you are considering a LegUp™ Landingear, or a 'LegUp™ Plus!', give us a call at 407-834-5007 or EMAIL.


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