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User Testimonials

Gary Wynn and His Pups Gary Wynn and His Pups

Hi Pete,

I meant to follow up with you sooner, but this is better because I have had a chance to ride with the landing gear and get comfortable with it. The hardest part for me is starting off with the gear down. I am much more comfortable controlling that part manually. I am very pleased overall so far and really am appreciative of all the phone support you provided during installation.

Thanks again,

Mr. Flipper and J. R.

Bill Bowen - Duluth

Hi Pete, just wanted to let you know what a pleasure it is, has been and will be to do business with you. You always seem to go the extra mile to help me out. You proved it again yesterday for me. Thanks again.

Bill Bowen
Alachua, FL

Jerry Phillips - GENI Harley Touring

Pete just wanted to let you know that my leg up landing gear is working better than it ever has.... I loved it before but did not know how well it would work. I am in LOVE with it. Thanks again... You and your Co. are the BEST.

Jerry Phillips

Chuck Ninos - GENII Honda Goldwing 6FB


Wanted to thank you and Ben for the great “Landing Gear” and the adaptation to the F6B. It has made my life a lot easier when doing tight maneuvers with this bike. Also great for moving it around in the garage. I am enclosing 2 pics. with the Landing Gear extended. The F6B is a fantastic ride but is still heavy. I believe the Landing Gear has extended my 2 wheel riding for quite a while. After sale service was and is truly outstanding.

Thanks again,

Jesse Harvey - Upgrade to Gen II!

Jesse Harvey, an American Veteran, with his Gold Wing and his GEN II Upgrade!

Jerry Phillips - Still Riding!

This is the best thing since VANILIA ICE CREAM. Keeps a old man on two wheels rather than a trike.

Thanks again,
Jerry Phillips

Gordon Snyder

Here you see Gordon Snyder on his way home from 'Rolling Thunder'. Gordon lives in Washington State! That is a healthy ride for anyone, and according to Gordon, his LegUp system has made the trip much easier.

Thanks for your service Gordon, and have a safe trip home!

Fred K Saupe

Hi Pete,

I picked up the Leg-up and Exhaust Packages at the UPS Terminal at 8 AM got home about 9 PM. At about 9:30 AM I started the the installation, (the old exhaust was already removed) by 12 noon the same day everythings was working. Fred K Saupe I had no help and without the full use of my Legs it was a fairly easy installation. So don't get intimidated by the instructions or a dealer who charges $400.00 plus for the installation.

Leg-up is a very well designed and manufactured aid for those in need. I thank you for all the Veterans who enjoy riding Motorcycles for making this Landingear a reality. I think it takes more time to learn the use of the system then the installation.

Thank you Pete for the help.

Fred K. Saupe
Mt Ida, Arkansas

Sonne Hooper


Wheels work great. Thanks very much.

Sonne Hooper

Spike Taylor

My LegUp was installed by Chandler Custom Choppers, they did a quality job on my '02 Softail Deuce.. Your ingenious design is great. The quality and workmanship is superb. Spike Taylor You can see my fold up crutches on the back seat. I just came back from a 3 hour cruise, and my back is NOT in pain at all, usually is. I am so glad I found your product on-line.
Respectfully yours,

Spike Taylor

Debbie &  Carl Price

Not a testimonial, but a great note from some nice folks!

Got the computer Saturday afternoon and installed that night. Everything works great. Had to set the up and down. Will send old computer on Monday. You should come up and ride in October. It's our yearly fall colors leaf run. Attached is a few pics from last week in Maggie Valley NC.

Thanks, Carl & Debbie
Newport NC 28570

Bob Rodriguez

Hey pete,
Just want to send you this photo and let you know that the LegUp™ system is working for me. Bob Rodriguez Thank you for recommending Jeff at Ace Motors. They are very professional and did a great job. As we spoke I will promote your LegUp™ and recommend you and Jeff. I hope to see Jeff at Americade next week, I will call him to catch up with him.

Thanks again

Bob Rodriguez of Staten Island

Dave Raines

Dave Raines, came to see us a few months ago. He checked out the LegUp™ system. We gave him a quick Install tutorial, and he left with a new system. I got an email from him the other day. He published THIS for his local HOG Chapter. It is kind words and folks like Dave that make the long hours worth it!

Thanks Dave!

Wayne Kiven Wayne Kiven

Wayne Kiven from Australia sent us these picture of our system on his Softail. Wayne needed quite a bit of modifications to his bike as his is an above-the-knee amputee on his right side. Thanks for the pictures Wayne, and I am glad you are back to riding!

Larry Ward


Thanks for the 'LegUp™'. My wife and I rode down to Homestead for the races and did some free advertising for you! With the trailer, LegUp™ has been a blessing!

Larry Ward
Horseshoe, NC

Jim Newcomb

Jim Newcomb sent us some pictures of him using the LegUp™ Plus System. Jim lost his right leg above the knee, so the Plus! was the logical choice since putting his right leg down is not an option for him.

We couldn't use all his pictures, but here you can see him standing next to his turbo-charged Road King.

Keep on Riding Jim, and thanks for the pics!

Allan Kelly


Hi Pete, At last some good weather to try out the landing gear. What do I think of it? The best thing since sliced bread! Bloody Marvelous!

Allan Kelly
New Zealand

Jim Kersting

We wanted to share this picture and story with you folks. Mr. Jim Kersting, seen here, owns Kersting H-D, in Winamac, Indiana. When he called us some time ago, he asked about becoming a dealer and installing our system on a bike that he keeps in front of his museum across the parking lot from his dealership.

I heard from Jim yesterday, just to tell me how he took a bolt-on trike kit off his '03 Road Glide, and how much he liked the LandinGear setup. We appreciate calls like this Jim, THANKS!

Rick Riffel in Sturgis


Since installing your LegUp™ on my 2008 Ultra, I have the confidence to put more miles under me than I have in the last 5 years. Riding since 1966, I never intend to stop.

With the LegUp™, I felt I was able to ride to Sturgis all the way from North Carolina. I just got back and everything was perfect. Maneuvering through the crowed Sturgis streets went like a breeze, including backing into and out of tight parking spaces. Rick Riffel in Sturgis The only disadvantage was all the time I had to spend talking to folks about those "funny little wheels" on my bike. When I told them they were my "old man with weak knees helpers" It lead to demonstration after demonstration. I only wish I took some of your literature with me... next year for sure.

Bottom line, I visited almost everything possible in the Sturgis areas, and here are some photos of my trip.

Rick Riffel
North Carolina

PS: You might notice that the LegUp™ wheels are in the up position in the photos. Once I use them to stop and get my balance, I put the kickstand down and then raise LegUp™. When I am going to leave, I put them down first, then put the kickstand up.. and then take off!!

Tony Waldron


Just a line to let you know, went on a Harley Rally to Holland last weekend had a great time, met lots of nice people. My leg up system performed just great had no problems at all! Had a few people interested in wanting to know how it works, so gave a couple of demonstrations, you never know you could get some more interest.

Kind Regards
Tony Waldron - UK

Ray Murray


Thanks for The Leg Up! (Ray and his daughter)

Ray Murray

Bruce G.


'This thing is GREAT!'

Bruce G.

MG Waterfall


Everything you told me about the Landing Gear system is true. You will remember that I was not an easy sell, but now I am a proud owner, I love it. It gives me the extra help I need with my injured right ankle and, when my wife rides with me, I have the extra confidence that I will not drop the bike with my most precious cargo aboard. Thanks for being patient with all of my questions, you ‘da man.

MG, Somewhere in Georgia

Jesse & Pete G

I called on a Saturday, showed up on Tuesday and Pete and the guys fixed my small problems without an appointment!

LegUp™ LandIngear is the way to go !


Jesse Harvey
New Jersey



I just wanted to let you know the LanginGear really really helped me this summer. While riding in the mountains here in Arizona I became oxygen deprived. I have COPD. I didn't black out but became very disoriented. The bike gradually came in contract with the curb. I thought I was on the other side of the lane. When the landingear made contact with the curb I realized something was wrong. and started braking. the gear helped to hold the bike until a full stop when I put my feet down.

JBanks I'm sure if the bike tires came in contact with the curb I would have gone over. Even after I was stopped and my wife was asking what was wrong I didn't know. We were resting on the landingear against the curb. It worked great even for something it probably wasn't designed to do.

Jim & Jan Banks

HD 09

I really like my new LandinGear. It gives me a lot of confidence when I want to stop in traffic. I pull a 250 LB. camper behind my bike, and it really makes me feel more secure. I'm going on 78 years old and I don`t want to quit riding yet !! Thanks Pete !

P.S. I installed the system my self and it fit perfectly!

MD - Nederland TX
Riding Forever!

HD 09

I am 100% disabled from a leg condition. I find the LegUp™ System to be an extraordinary asset to my riding ability. The stabilization reduces all the pressure off my bad leg and enables me to continue to ride with my friends!

WK - Orlando Florida
Riding for 46 years!

HD 07

I came to Pete G's for help last July. I have an 08 ElectraGlide, and with my bad knee, I dropped it at stop lights and my friends had to help me pick up the bike! We searched for an answer and could find none. I challenged Pete by saying '..you can build anything!' He did! Now I never drop the bike and me and my friends are all happy!

JL - Florida... Riding for 40+ years!

Thanks !!!
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