LegUp - For 2009 & Later Harley Davidson Touring Bikes

Harley Davidson 09 - Legs Retracted

LegUp™ is happy to announce that it has been adapted to the 09 & Up Harley Touring bikes. As you may know, in '09 Harley decided to put a wide tire and an exhaust that runs under the bike. Of course, this is where we normally attach the LegUp™ system. We had to use some creativity to make the system work. The first step was to ditch the stock exhaust and opt for a 2 into 1 system. This step is critical... not only did we have to get the exhaust out from under the bike, but we also did not have room for both a pipe and the Actuator system on the left side of the bike! With the handsome 2 into 1 pipe we got the room we needed.

Harley Davidson with LegUp™ installed - rear view

Recently (09/2011), we redesigned the attachment system to get a bit more height out of the legs when retracted. By moving the leg system back 1 3/4", we were able to accomplish this. The new attachment system with about 2" more ground clearance is available immediately! Harley Davidson with LegUp™ installed - right side Once the system was moved back, we were able to design an upper actuator bracket similar to the one on the 08 and earlier models. The result is a neater package, better ground clearance with the wheels up, and a more stable stance with the system deployed!

Existing customers with the older design can upgrade to the new brackets for a cost of $350 (barely covers our costs!). We need the leg system, the uprights and the upper actuator bracket sent to us. Within a week, we will retrofit and re-paint your system. It will be returned pre-paid to your door. Just call us at 407-834-5007 or DROP US AN EMAIL, and we will make all the arrangements with you!

If you have an 09 or Later Harley touring bike PLEASE NOTE THE FOLLOWING:

You MUST Have a 2 into 1 exhaust on the right side of the bike. The Stock pipes that run under the bike, and any exhaust that has a pipe on the left side of the bike will not work! Some 2010 FLHx & Roadglide models came with a factory 2 into 1 exhaust. This will work with some mild massaging. We recommend a pipe from Freedom Performance (click to see them!) that looks and sounds great and is very reasonable in cost. The bike in the top right picture has that exhaust system on it, and we will sell you the same at a deeply discounted price (Currently $600, subject to change...list is $749!), when you buy a system from us! We CANNOT GUARANTEE fitment of other pipes. While they may work, it would be impossible to be sure if the legs will clear an exhaust system until it is tried.

This is all covered in more depth in the install MANUAL.

The system costs $2,995 for the 2009 and later HarleyTouring Models (Or the Lite Version for $500 less!). Click on the PHOTOS for larger views. If you need a Landingear, and have an 09 or later touring bike, Give us a call at 407-834-5007, EMAIL US or use our BUY ONLINE page. DEALER INQUIRIES INVITED!

Thanks !!!
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Harley 09 with LegUp™ - Left Side Harley 09 with LegUp™ - Left Side Closeup